Dr. Kenneth L. Weiss

Investigational MRI
 ASSIST (automated spine survey iterative scan technique) technology is being used to rapidly screen children for spine pathologies.
But still our referring physicians wanted something quicker, a spine screen, to serve as a baseline pre or post treatment, a rapid survey of the entire spine.  We developed ASSIST DE.  It takes just 42 seconds. As seen below.  For more details on this technique see the AJNR publication.
Integrating GE's Head Neck and Spine Array coil with ASSIST technology to rapidly image the neuro axis in children and adults in under 42 seconds. We call this new technology ABSIST (automated brain and spine iterative scan technique). 

While at the University of Cincinnati and in partnership with GE Healthcare, we tested and refined MR pulse sequences not yet commercially available. The images collected here represent a physician's inquiry. 

For example, oncologists and other physicians want to know if a radiologist sees a lesion at one level of the spine how do we know if there are more lesions at another level? 

To fully answer this question, the physician would have the patient return for a complete spine MRI (C-T-L), which is  very costly and  time consuming for the patient.  We developed IDEAL ASSIST technology to image entire spine in about half the time.  Read more about this IDEAL ASSIST PDF