Dr. Kenneth L. Weiss

For Medical Students

UMC Medical Student Grants
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M1 Lecture November 9, 2012 1pm full download on blackboard 
Do Mnemonics work? <PDF>
What did the fMRI show? <PDF>

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Muhammad Safir, MD 
Akbar, JJ, Weiss KL*, Saafir MA, Weiss JL. Rapid MRI Detection of Vertebral Numerical Variation. AJR August 2010:195:1-2

William Boyce, M4 and Joseph Chang, MD
Weiss KL, Cornelius RS, Greeley AL, Sun D, Chang IJ, Boyce WO, Weiss JL. Hybrid Convolution Kernel: Optimized CT of the Head, Neck, and Spine. AJR 2010:403-406.

Presentations for the 2009 Medical Students

  • Muhammad Safir, MD   <PDF>
  • William Boyce and Joseph Chang  <PDF>
  • Yanfeng Su, ISCD San Antonio, TX <PDF>

2010-2011 Medical students

Joanna Jeong, M1!! awarded the
RSNA Research Medical Student Summer Grant
<read her proposal>

Jeffrey Kuo, M1!! awarded the
Depart. of Radiology MSSRP for 2010
<read his proposal>

Congratulations to Yichun Lin for her ASNR abstract acceptance!  Veiw the ASNR accepted abstract
Neurosarcoidosis <PDF>

The P&G Pharma collaborative effort update
Yanfeng Su, M2 will present the results for the team at the:
International Society for Clinical Densitometry
<view the poster>